7th international syposium of engraved glass

Glass engravers from the whole Europe and even from the USA gathered in a small town with rich history. Although Kamenický Šenov is just a small town, in the past, very rich families used to live here, they had factories for chandelier making, glass blowing or as said before, engraving. Today, we have new factories, using new technologies, but the tradition continues. The participants of the symposium were artists, students or even professional engravers, so they all could learn something new or interesting techniques from each other. Every day the worked in Kamenický Šenov’s secondary glass art school, they could join some workshops lead by professional artists, in drawing, painting, sculpting, engraving or glass cutting. The symposium organizers prepared some trips and accompanying program for the participants too, they visited the local church, the cemetery and other sights in Kamenický Šenov. On 13 th September Mr. Rath, famous glass artist from Vienna, threw a barbecue party in his garden so the participants could have some fun and get to know each other a little better. It all ended on Saturday with gala closing with food and drinks and an exhibition opening on Sunday.


-> Žádné fotografie v galerii.