Visiting students from China.

From Febr. 20 - March 18, 2012 two visiting students from China were staying at our school. Mr. Zhu Li Min passed a glass cutting workshop and Mrs. Zhu Li Yue implemented her glass objects using the mould melted glass technique. Mrs. Zhu Li Yue has been at our school already for the fourth time. Mr. Zhu Li Min who has been in the Czech Republic for the first time, visited also several other cultural places of interest, museums and exhibitions as well as glassworks in the vicinity. A part of the stay of the Chinese visiting students constituted also visits of the picture gallery of Zwinger in Dresden, the porcelain manufacture in Meissen and of the rock area in Tisá.


Mr. Zhu Li Min cutting glass
Mr. Zhu Li Min with his bowl
Zhu Li Min - bambu
Zhu Li Min - glass disc
Zhu Li Yue - space object
Zhu Li Yue at Tisa
Zhu Li Yue making mold
Zhu Li Yue with her sculpture