Mayor received kazakhian students.

The Kamenický Šenov municipality will became the new home for five sixteen years old students from Alma Ata. Shinar, Nazerke, Sasha, Peri and Nikita arrived to Kamenický Šenov one by one according to the progress of their visa proceedings. Their stay is given by the co-operation with the Academy of Linguistic and Professional Preparation. Their initiall dream were either America or Germany, nevertheless, after they had learned more about the existence and qualities of the oldiest Glass School of Applied Arts in Kamenický Šenov, they decided to study there.

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011 the students were received by the mayor Mr. Bc. František Kučera, who expressed his pleasure of their stay. The students were gifted with commemorative items and promotional materials. The meeting took place under presence of the vicemayor Mr. Zbyněk Jech, the deputy headmaster of the SUPŠS Mr. František Janák, a teacher Mrs. Martina Matoušková, who teachs the Kazakhians the Czech language and the head of the Department of Culture Mrs. Kateřina Ditterová.

After finishing their studies at Kamenický Šenove, some of the Kazakhian students want to became designers and continue in their studies at universities, oriented on the art education. At the meeting, Mr. František Janák said their are a positive competition and a good example for our students. They are talented, purposeful and hardworking people. It will be doing well in the working climate of the school.

The Kazakhian students like our small North Bohemian town very much. They are pleased by the interest both of teachers and schoolmates, thanks of which the can learn more about the Czech milieu, culture, history and memorials. They will spend the Christmas time in Czech families, where they have been invited to. It will be their first experience with such holidays due to the different traditions they grew up.


Kazakhian students at the city office of Kamenicky Senov
Kazakhian students recieved by a major Frantisek Kucera