Ministry of Education will support Kamenicky Senov.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is going to keep its promises and save the Secondary Glass School of Applied Arts in Kamenicky Senov even though the Liberec Region won´t implement its plan regarding the optimalization of the net of secondary schools in the originally supposed extent.
Prague, Oct. 17, 2011 - „In March I participated in the Liberec Regional Government session to support the optimalization process. On the occasion I declared that if the optimalization should concern a „family silver“ school, i. e. one whose preservation was considered as important, the ministry would save such a school“ the minister Josef Dobes says.
The initial optimalization plan of the Liberec Region has finally became just a torso. Despite of it, the Ministry has decided to save not only the Kamenicky Senov school, but also the „competitive“ glass school in near Novy Bor. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2012 the ministry is going to cover the glass furnace operation of both the schools.
„For us it is important that the Region has decided to avoid the professional competition of the schools“ continues the minister. For the next year, the enrolment of students for the subject of art glassmaking will be stopped in Novy Bor and allowed just in Kamenicky Senov. On the contrary, the classical profession will be taught exclusively in Novy Bor. In this way specialization and professionalism of both the schools will be strengthen – one of them will educate artists and the other skilled artisans


Ministr školství pan Josef Dobeš