Exhibition of works by Frantisek Janak.

From March 24 to May 4. 2011 a glass artist and pedagogue Frantisek Janak shows a cross section of his forty five years long creation in the Glass Museum in Kamenicky Senov. The exhibition, held on the occasion of his sixtieth includes both his first student´s works and the latest ones. It includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and designs. Here, there are exhibited also works originated during his working in the Institute of Household and Fashion Design, pieces created in the glass institute TIGA in Toyama, Japan as well as at the university Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA. Frantisek Janak is a graduate of the SUPSS Kamenicky Senov, the department of cut glass and of UMPRUM Prague, the studio, headed by Prof. Stanislav Libensky.

You are cordially invited to the exhibition.


Blue Tower 1996, 458x38x36 cm, mold melted glass, TIGA Toyama
Bowles 1987, Crystalex Nový Bor, cut lead crystal
Bowles and vases Aztec from the set Libera 2000, Crystalex Nový Bor, hand painted
Capricorn II. 2010, 37x25x26 cm, lost wax mold melted glass
Gargoyle 2005, 50x18x23 cm, lost wax mold melted glass
Good Advice 1988, 44x32 cm, hot glass cast into the plaster mold
Moon Fish 2008, Steuben Corning, cut crystal glass
Sail Ship II. 2006, 35x36x14 cm, lost wax mold melted glass
Three Gracies 2000, 32x37x37 cm, lost wax mold melted glass, RIT Rochester
Torzo 2009,mold melted glass
Torzo 2011, mold melted glass
Torzo I. 1996,38x44x23 cm, ,mold melted glass, TIGA Toyama