Exhibition of SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

In October 2010, during his professional stay at a prestigeous Beijing university Tsinghua the school headmaster František Janák agreed an itinerant sales exhibition of works by students and teachers of the Glass School in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The main guarantee and partner of the project is the Blue Heaven Crystal Lighting from Shanghai, a company connected for years on business with Czech manufacturers of lighting assemblies and top-quality glass producers. The company also collaborates with the Preciosa company on a long-term basis. The headmaster František Janák himself discussed the conditions of this prestigeous exhibition with Mr. Raymond Chui, the managing director of the Blue Heaven Crystal Lighting and Mrs. Cindy Zhou, the executive director of the company. The opening exhibition should have been held in the exhibition hall of an exclusive private club of the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Beijing, whose director general Mr. Tony Tang also personally met the headmaster Janák. Then, the exhibition will travel to the exhibition facilities of the company Blue Heaven in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The planned time of the exhibition is the beginning of 2011 and there will be published also a catalogue in colour. The exhibition will be one of the first ones of this type in China and will be an excellent chance to promote the Czech glass art and professional education in China. The sales exhibition should also have been an important contribution to the school financing in 2011.



Director of the Blue Heaven company Mr.Raymond Chui and Frantisek Janak
Frantisek Janak and a director of the Blue Heaven Crystal Lighting Mr.Raymond Chui
Gallery of the Blue Heaven Crystal Lighting at Cofco Plaza in Beijing