Meeting of the UNESCO associated schools in Český Krumlov

From September 13 to 14, 2010 there was held an annual meeting of the UNESCO associated schools at the SUPŠ sv. Anežky České in Český Krumlov. Our school, which applied for including into the net of these schools, was invited as well. The school was represented by the school headmaster Mr. František Janák and the head of the painting department Mr. Petr Menš. At the meeting, František Janák introduced our school in a brief presentation and discussed with the UNESCO representatives further procedures necessary for including our school into the organization. The participants of the meeting visited among others the hosting school and participated in the sightseeing of the castle, where they got the occasion to visit also the unique baroque theatre. Representatives of our school participated in the meeting of the UNESCO associated schools also last autumn in Valašské Meziříčí.


Český Krumlov
Invitation of the participants
Lecture of Frantisek Janak
Meeting of the participants
Monastery of St. Anezka Ceska
School visit
School visit