Foreign Students in Our School.

From September of the new school year 2009 two foreign trainees – Cheryl Dunsmore from Canada and Itzell Tazzyman from Australia – were studying at our school for 3 months. They were oriented onto mould melted glass, cutting, engraving and painting of glass. Both the ladies have been very skilled in work with glass and employ themselves in their own creative work. They came to our school to improve their skills in the techniques that made Czech glass famous in abroad. The trainees prepared for our students and teachers a very interesting lecture about the countries they came from, as well as about their work itself. They put their time also in visits of museums and both glassworks and studios in our region.


Interview with Cheryl Dunsmore
Interview with Itzell Tazzyman
Cheryl Dunsmore
Cheryl Dunsmore coldworking
Cheryl Dunsmore making  model
Itzell Tazzyman and Cheryl Dunsmore
Itzell Tazzyman and Cheryl Dunsmore cold working
Itzell Tazzyman and Josef Kříž
Itzell Tazzyman cold working
Itzell Tazzyman cold working
Itzell Tazzyman in the modelling room
Itzell Tazzyman making model