Public Benefit for Supporting the SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov.

On Monday, May 24, 2010 a public benefit for supporting the SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov was declared in the Museum of Applied Arts in the presence of important guests and professionals. The benefit was declared by the Okrouhlá near Nový Bor municipality, headed by its mayor Jiří Vosecký. The event has been supported by important personalities, e.g. Mrs. Meda Mládková, a maecenas and art collector.

Contributions can be sent to a special account of the Okrouhlá municipality at Komerční banka.

Name of the account: OBEC OKROUHLÁ
Account number: 43-6999740297/0100!/pages/SUPSS-v-Kamenickem-Senove-rok-2010/119660981403385?v=wall