Exchange Stay of Our Students within the Frame of the Leonardo Programme at the Staatliches Berufsko

 From November 8 to 21, 2009 a group of 10 students headed by Mgr.A. Petr Stacho visited our partner glass school at Rheinbach within the frame of the exchange program Leonardo. Above all, the students learned the classical technique of production of stained glass - composing of colored glass into lead. The implementation of individual designs was foregone by training at simpler patterns. On the weekend, there was an open door day at the Berufskolleg, and there the students learned the technology of screen-printing of glass plates themed Beethoven. During their stay, the group of students visited the glass museum Rheinbach and the Bonn city hosting an exhibition of Markus Lupertz in the Art Museum. Further, the students visited Cologne, where they looked through the cathedral with an adjacent restoring workshop for repairing of stained glass windows and manufacture of sandstone parts. Within their leasure time, the students viewed the historical town of Rheinbach and several times visited the swimming stadium.

This exchange stay of our students in Rheinbach in the frame of the Leonardo program took place already for the fifth time. Also the students from Rheinbach have been regularly coming to our school within the frame of the same program. These exchange stays are quite important for our pupils. They help them in mastering different glassmaking techniques, to exchange new experiences in their branch and make possible establishing of new friendships with contemporaries within the common European framework.