Zwieseler Kölbel - a Prize Supporting the Young Generation Aug. 15 - Sept. 13, 2009

Our school has took part in the competition and exhibition Zwieseler Kölbel in Bavarian Zwiesel. The exhibition opening ceremony together with awarding the prizes was hold on Friday, August 14. The theme of the competition was nature. For the exhibition, works by six our students were chosen - by Kateřina Janková, Martin Novák, Pavla Bartáková, Michaela Pokorná, Pavlína Hozáková and Michaela Spodniaková. The overwhelming majority of prizes was won by Czech artists. Our former student Tomáš Brzoň won the third prize in the competition. A part of the exhibition has been a display of photographies by Mr. Svatopluk Dvořák from Nový Bor with glass themes.