Summer Academy Bildwerk in Frauenau 2009

 Already for the second time, the headmaster František Janák has been teaching at the summer academy Bildwerk in Frauenau, Germany. For the first time, it was in 2007. During the holidays 2008 two students of the 3rd year, Martina Doležalová and Kateřina Šípová participated in the academy, first thanks to the scholarship for our school, received from the Bildwerk. The Bildwerk has been founded and until now supported by the artist Ervin Eisch and his family glassworks. The summer academy was founded after the fashion of American summer glass schools. Students from all over the world coming there are taught by leading home and foreign artists. This year, thanks to the scholarship, our students Lenka Husárková and Martin Švanda have participated in the academy at the workshop Flat Glass - Mixed Media.

Summer Academy Bildwerk in Frauenau 2008

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