Glass Cutting Department Head Mgr.A. Petr Stacho in China

 Thanks to the invitation of Zhu Li Yue, a Chinese student at the Tshighua University, Beijing, who visited our school with a group of her collegues, our pedagogue, the head of the cutting department Mgr.A. Petr Stacho passed within the scope of his self-improvement an extraordinary 17 days long tour of northwest China.

Petr Stacho traveled through 8 Chinese cantons including Tibet and the Mongolian province. The tour was totally 6 500 km long, beginning and finishing in Beijing. Besides popular tourist destinations, e.g. the Forbidden City, summer palace and the Great Chinese Wall he visited also a cave complex Yun gang near the Datong city, the terracotta army Qin shihuang, the National Museum in Si an, a temple complex in Jin ci, a temple in the Jin long valley and caves in Mai ji. Furthemore he visited Buddhist temples in Ta er and in Labrang.