Czech glass intensive summer 2009


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Don't miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history of the Czech glass tradition! Pratt Fine Arts Center and the Kamenicky Senov School of Industrial Arts for Glass invite you to take your glass studies abroad. This two week intensive, taught by Czech Master Artists, is designed to teach students the true basics of traditional Czech glass. While in the hills of Northern Bohemia study the technical, intellectual and artistic processes of traditional Czech moldmaking, kiln casting and cold working.


July 19-31, 2009

Course Duration
9 days

Total Duration
13 days/12 nights


Kamenicky Senov,
Czech Republic


Advanced Moldmakers & Sculptors

Course Highlights Include

* Taught by Czech Master Artists
* Hands-on demonstrations
* Open studio time to practice moldmaking techniques
* Day trips to regional glassmaking facilities & studios

Travel & Program Itinerary

Day 1 Meet in Prague mid-day (designated time & location TBA).
Group bus to Kamenicky Senov, approx. 2hrs.
Welcome dinner.

Day 2-6 Week 1: Casting Primer
Breakfast & lunch provided in cafeteria.
8:00am - 10:00am: Life Drawing
10:30am - lunch: Casting studies
Lunch - 4:30pm: Course work continues
Open studio until 7:00pm.

Day 6-7
Breakfast provided in cafeteria.
Weekend trip by bus to Prague.
Overnight in Prague.
Bus back to Kamenicky Senov.

Day 8-11 Week 2: Cold Working
Breakfast & lunch provided in cafeteria.
8:00am - 10:00am: Life Drawing
10:30am - lunch: Cold working studies
Lunch - 4:30pm: Course work continues
Open studio until 7:00pm.

Day 12 Breakfast & lunch provided in cafeteria.
8:00am - 10:00am: Life Drawing
10:30am - lunch: Cold working studies
Lunch - 4:30pm: Course work continues
Final night celebration dinner.

Day 13
Breakfast provided in cafeteria.
Group bus to designated drop-off location in Prague, approx. 2hrs.

Day Trips Please allow for flexibility in this itinerary. Travel to regional glassmaking facilities and museums will be scheduled.
Scheduled times may fluctuate to accommodate these day trips.

Trip Details

Situated in the hills of Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic, Kamenicky Senov is the home to many generations of glass makers. This dramatic region of deep valleys and castle topped, cone-like mountains still hold small factories and a tradition of cottage industry that produces many specialty products.
Kamenicky Senov School of Industrial Arts for Glass
The Secondary School of Industrial Arts for Glass in Kamenicky Senov was founded in 1856, and is the oldest school dedicated to preparatory glass education in Europe. Its studios are well equipped for kiln casting, cutting and engraving, glass painting and all other studio art practice, such as painting, sculpting and drawing.
Since 2006, Frantisek Janak, a graduate from the College of Applied Arts, has been director of the school. With over 40 years of experience in glassmaking, including early studies and multiple professorships at the Secondary School of Glass, his expertise has been integral in bringing this collaboration with Pratt Fine Arts Center to fruition.

Accommodations - All group accommodations from 7.19.09 - 7.30.09 are included. While at school, dorm facilities will be provided. While in Prague, group hotel accommodations for one night during the mid-course weekend trip will be provided.
Meals - For the length of the course, breakfast and lunch at the school facilities are included, as well as a welcome dinner in Kamenicky Senov on the eve of 7.19.09 and an exit dinner on 7.30.09 on the final day of class. All other meals, including meals during the weekend trip to Prague, are the responsibility of the student.

Supplies - General supplies to support basic course work will be provided. Plaster will be available for use during open studio. Students can choose to purchase additional supplies.

Group Ground Transport - All pre-scheduled group ground travel through the length of the course will be provided. This will include group ground transfer from pre-designated meeting location in Prague to Kamenicky Senov (approx. 2hrs) on Sunday, 7.19.09, day trip travel to glassmaking facilities and museums, the mid-course weekend round trip travel to Prague and back to Kamenicky Senov, and the group ground transfer return trip to pre-designated drop-off location in Prague on 7.31.09 at course end. All other commuter and transfer travel is the responsibility of the student.

International Transportation International Transportation - Students are responsible for their own internationaltransportation, as well as airporttransfers to and from Prague. Students will be asked to meet in Prague at a designated time and location on Sunday, 7.19.09 and are expected to plan their travel accordingly. Group travel to Kamenicky Senov will leave at a predetermined time from Prague on this day. Under no circumstances will Pratt be responsible for individual transportation or any course time refund for students unable to make this connection.
Insurance Insurance - Travel and/or medicalinsurance will not be provided by Pratt Fine Arts Center. Students are encouraged to secure their own insurances for international travel. All students will be required to sign a waiver when registering for this class.

Price & Deposit Info

Czech Glass Intensive: July 19 - 31, 2009

Josef Marek & Jitka Skuhrava
Instruction Days: 9 (Week 1: 7.20.09 - 7.24.09 M-F / Week 2: 7.27.09 - 7.30.09 M-TH)
$2495 (based on 10 person minimum)
$1200 Deposit due 2.02.09