Appreciation of the Teacher Václav Hubert

On March 26, 2009, on the occasion of the Day of Teachers, Mr. Václav Hubert, a former teacher at the SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov, obtained an appreciation of his long-term pedagogical activities from the Liberec region deputy governor for education, youth, physical training and sports Bc. Radek Cikl. The festive awarding was held in the Liberec Regional Authority headquarters.

Václav Hubert was a professional teacher in the glass engraving department since 1969, but already before he had worked there as an extern. He finished his pedagogical activities definitely with retirement in 2006. Václav Hubert was one of the first postwar graduates of the glass school Kamenický Šenov. Among his teachers, there was also Alois Hásek. He worked as an engraver for the Lobmeyr company for several years. He dedicated a great part of life to education of students in the engraved glass branch. Among his students, there were numerous famoust glass artists, e.g. MgA Jitka Skuhravá, acad. painter Marián Volráb, MgA Anna Polanská, acad. painter Jan Mareš and many others. He was actively concerned in organizing and running international engraving symposia, held in the glass school. Last years of his activities in the school were devoted also to foreign trainees, where he was very popular. He has been known by his high skill, human and kind behavior and by his life-long devotion to the glassmaking. On the occasion of the 650 anniversary of foundation of Kamenický Šenov in 2002 he won a honorary citizenship placket. In 2006 he won a prize of the Czech Glass Association for the lifelong contribution in glass.