Students from the West Texas University at SUPŠS in Kamenický Šenov in 2009

 Within several last weeks three groups of foreign students changed in the glass school Kamenický Šenov, who passed numerous workshops and classes. From Jan. 26 a group of seven students from the Beijing university spent two weeks in our school, where they were interested especially in mould melted glass and glass cutting. On Febr. 22 a group of German students from the partner school Rheinbach came to our school for three weeks within the scope of the Leonardo program. The students modeled, drew and trained making small sculptures using glass mould melting. The German students also learned experience in the glass plate printing. They were changed by a group of 18 students from the West Texas University, USA. Professor Chad Holliday headed them with his colleagues Marcus Melton and Scott Frish. Last year, Chad Holliday studied at our school for 9 month thanks to the Fullbright scholarship. Here, the American students were learning glass cutting, engraving and painting as well as glass plate printing for a week. The American teachers organized a lecture of their work for our students and teachers. During their stay, the young Americans visited historical and cultural places of interest in our region. Among others, they visited the companies Preciosa, Severosklo, Jílek and Ajeto. The ending of their stay in the Czech Republic was oriented onto monuments of our capital Prague. This workshop is to be repeated also in the next year. In July 2009, a two weeks workshop for students from the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle will be held. Beside these groups there will be also several individuals studying in our school, among others even from Australia. The interest of foreign students in studies at our school is constantly growing. Many of them come from schools of the university type, proving the high international standard of our school.