Open Door Day SUPŠS November 2008

 On Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008 our school opened its door for public again. Visitors could see all classrooms, workshops and studios. Also the school gallery and shop were opened, where there was possible to buy original products of our students. The interested persons could try "rough" talent exams in drawing and modelling. In the cutting, engraving and painting workshops everybody could try some of glass techniques and create his/her first own glass work headed by experienced pedagogues. The new concept of the Open Door Day proves good. Some children return repeatedly to our school and actively participate in creative activities together with their parents.

A novelty of the Open Door Day was the exhibition of students´ works of the Lighting Objects Design Department in the new opened Dvořáček´s Park. On the occasion visitors could try the petanque game. A honoured visitor of the Open Door Day was Mrs. Eva Bartoňová, a deputy minister of education who visited the school with her spouse. The Open Door Day was also visited by citizens from the partner town Rheinbach accompanied by the mayor of Kamenického Šenova Mr. Ota Reiter.