Competition of Glass Schools in the Spa Hotelu Sanssouci in Karlovy Vary, April 8 - 20, 2008.

 In the premises of the spa hotel Sanssouci in Karlovy Vary the first year of a competition of art glass students from the whole Czech Republic will be held from Apr. 18 - 20. In Sanssouci the competition of glass students will be held every year. The aim of the competition is to highlight the high standard of the secondary, higher and university art glass education in the Czech Republic and give a chance of regular meetings of students, pedagogues, experts and friends in the field of art glassmaking.

Organizing student competitions the Sanssouci hotel wants to increase its activities supporting the original glass creation and education in the Czech Republic and to motivate young glass artists. The hotel management will provide background not only for the competition itself but also a high social standard of the event. Besides an international extension of the competition is planned for the future.

In the competition 49 art glass students from eight secondary, higher and high schools will take part. All the entered works will be exhibited for the public on Saturday, Apr. 19, in the hotel premises. Selected works will be then exhibited in the Sun Gallery at an individual long-term exhibition and the successful students will be invited to introduce their works at the annual sommer Festival of Art Glass in the Spring Colonnade.
From our school eight students will participate in the competition with their works.