Interview with a foreign student Chad Holliday from USA

 1. Chad, where did you come from and what did you do before?

I am originally from Kansas but have been working in Seattle for the last 6 years. I was working as a freelance artist, glassblower, cold worker, technician and teacher.

2. Why did you come to study at the Kamenický Šenov school?

I came here for several reasons. I studied with Professor Janák at the Rochester Institute of Technology during my graduate studies. From that time he and I taught workshops together. This year I received a Fulbright to come study here. I chose the Šenov glass school because of its rich tradition in glass making.

3. How did you get information about the possibility of studying in Kamenický Šenov?

Most of the information I needed came from professor Janák.

4. Did you get proper information?

Yes everything was correct and there were no surprises in regards to the School and Kamenický Šenov.

5. What did you expect and were your expectations fulfilled?

I expected to get a better understanding of the teaching practices of the teachers at the school. I also hoped to learn more about cutting glass. So far all my expectations have been exceeded. The teachers are very forthcoming with information and always offer help.

6. Would you recommend our school to the other students in your country? Why?

Absolutely I would recommend this school to anyone interested in learning more about glass, especially cutting and mold melting glass. This school is very well prepared and has the equipment to make just about anything.

7. Was your stay long enough? What would be the ideal length of stay concerning efficiency and students

expectations from your country?
My stay is different than others foreigners that have come here. My stay is for about 10 months. This is a very good length for a stay. I think that it is best if a person could come here for school year. However I would stay even longer if it were possible.

8. How were the accommodations and food?

My accommodations were adequate. I had a different situation than most students who have or might come. I came with my wife and two year old son. The school was gracious enough to rent us a private apartment in one of the school dormitories. As for the food, we mostly eat at home. The food in Kamenický Šenov is quite good in regards to traditional Czech food. There are also nice places to eat and drink in the neighboring cities, which are easily reached by bus.

9. Was the assistance from the school staff and teachers enough?


10. What is one thing you would like to change about this study?

Nothing. Everything was great.

11. Was the time you spent here worth the cost?


12. Would you like to come again?

Yes I definitely plan to return.