Turnov short term stay 2007

 From Nov. 11 to 16, 2007 a further, this time already fifth exchange short term stay between our school and the SUPŠ Turnov came through. On Sunday afternoon, Lenka Husárková, a student of the 3rd year, and Petr Kořínek, a student of the 4th year, together with their teacher Václav Zeman left for Turnov.

On Monday morning the students entered the forge shop and by the aid of the workshop teachers Pavel Matoušek and Jaroslav Válek started to create their designs. Lenka forged a chalice and Petr created a candlestick and a forged object. Both of them forged individual pieces not only by hand but also using spring hammers. After the day work in the forge shop they visited also an evening drawing class. On Thursday morning both the students finished their works by a surface treatment. Therefore, they had the afternoon just for themselves. They visited the old Jewish cemetery, viewed some other places of interest in Turnov and in the evening, they took part in the opening of the exhibition "History of Baby Coaches" in the local museum. On Friday in the morning they also learned to forge horseshoes. Both our students improved their forging skills and learned both a new atmosphere and friends.