The Fourth Turnov Hammering

 This November we have again continued in our successful co-operation with the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Turnov. On Sunday, Nov. 11 we left with two students of the fourth year, Michaela Razímová and Tomáš Černý, for a week exchange trainee-ship. In the forging workshop of the art smithing and locksmithery, supervised by experienced pedagogues Jan Mastník, Pavel Matoušek and Jaroslav Válek, we prepared two forged objects. Both students worked really hard in the workshop. After a day-long work Míša and Tomáš made visiting of "the evening drawing" in school studios.

At the end of the trainee-ship, on Thursday, all of us were invited by the headmaster of the school Mgr. Mašek for a collective meeting in a local bowling club. There also the idea was born to prepare in the next year a joint exhibition of all until now made works on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the mutual co-operation. We are looking for it now.
Václav Zeman
Master, SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov