Glastec 2006

 A grandiose exhibition of machines, equipment and tools for glass industry took place from October 24 - 28, 2006 at the Glastec fair in Dusseldorf. There a group of 15 members of the Czech Glass Association participated. Among them also teachers from our Glass School: Ing. Jan Houferák, Mgr. Josef Kříž and a painting department teacher Mrs. Dagmar Pánková.

The fair was situated in nine exhibiting halls. The major part of the place was occupied by machines and equipment for processing of flat and container glass. Among other things for example modern automatic cutting machines and flat glass washers. It turned out that a attention has been paid to environmental operations, especially to recycling of waste products.

Among others I was attracted by the glass in architecture. We could see spacious bended, perfectly glued sheets as well as ones joined with metal segments. For me, the most interesting exhibition included tools which could be used in my profession. For example cutting and grinding diamond tools, sandblasting boxes, kilns for mould melted glass and glass slumping. Another quite interesting place was the exhibion of the art glass. It showed application of various techniques at manufacture of art pieces. An independet part showed products from China, Korea and other Asian countries. Within last two years their glass industry reached (according to experts) a great forward dive. I could admire absolutely clear Chinese optic glass. I liked also stained glass doors and other kinds of interior glass by Korean companies.
The fair was visited by thousands of people. I am sure that everyone must have been satisfied with the exhibition as we were and could find something interesting among the exhibits. And our satisfaction was accentuated by the nice weather as well.

Mgr. Josef Kříž