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The school of glass making was founded in Kamenicky Senov in 1856 and it is the oldest one at this branch. During this long period of its existence they educated a lot of glass specialists, who work as glass designers, draughtsmen, pattern makers, master craftsmen and factory leaders. They also assert themselves as promotion artists, cartoon makers, textile designers, restorers, art specialists at culture organisations, museums and castles, teachers etc.

After leaving this school they study at the College of Applied Arts and other colleges and universities of art, education, humanity and technical orientation. During their study at this school they can present their work at exhibitions, fairs and competitions not only in our coutry but also abroad.

The study at our school is oriented to two subjects of art creation:

1. Glass decorating

2. Lighting object design

1. Glass decorating:

82-41-M/040 - glass cutting and cut glass decorating

At this section knowledge of modelling and plastic creating is used mostly. The students must have a sense of space. They use at their creating glass decors and stained glasses various techniques as flat and panel cutting, working with flexible shaft and diamond saw, glass melting and sandblasting etc.

82-41-M/042 - glass forming, painting and etching

The students use a great number of classical painting techniques and materials. They try to create shapes in an architectural way. For their ideas and designs of hollow and stained glass products they use the techniques of etching, sandblasting, diamond engraving, working with flexible shaft, glass melting and blowing at a flame. They must have a considerable sense of colour.

82-41-M/043 - glass engraving

The students learn to use their knowledge of drawing and modelling for this very difficult technique. They learn to engrave with copper, stone and diamond. They use their imagination at designing engraved glass objects and stain glasses. They help themselves with the techniques of glass sandblasting, cutting or melting.

2. Lighting object design:

82-41-M/024 - lighting object design

During their study the students learn to process metal, glass and other stuffs. They learn to weld, beat, chase, machine etc. For their intentions they use glass melting and blowing at a flame as well. They construct lighting fixtures and chandeliers. They design and create solitaires and other objects vital with light.

The four-year-study is ended by a leaving examination, which consists of a written examination in Czech language and an oral examination in Czech language and literature, a foreign language (English or German), art history and glass technology. The practical part of this examination consists of a design, its material creation and its defence. This school is a state one, the school fees are not paid.